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We have supplied installation services to the most trusted suppliers of fully integrated building automation systems in the industry.

Our Services

Full Service Electrical Contractor

We offer a full spectrum of electrical services with specialization in HVAC and building automation systems. We support all aspects of design-build projects, renovations or facilities upgrades. Our partners support the company’s continuing effort to provide best in class customer service in our project efforts.  

At DNS Controls we understand that having your facility maintained reduces downtime, improves work and safety conditions and extends the service life of the building. Our technical knowledge of building systems components including HVAC, power generation, fire and safety as well as lighting and access controls ensures that we can troubleshoot and repair any electrical issues related to all building systems. We bring experience as a partner in multi-site franchise locations, multi-site large commercial locations as well as healthcare facility maintenance.

Facilities Maintenance Partner

DNS Controls team members are specialist installers of building automation system components and connections. Installation of these complex systems is technically demanding and requires advanced knowledge of system function. We bring a wealth of experience in all phases of building automation systems including but not limited to:



Fire detection and alarm

Security and access controls

Lighting controls

Surveillance and video

Building Automation System (BAS) Controls installations

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